http://freshmeat.netGreat source of programs GNOME filemanager
http://gkrellm.netOutstanding system monitor
http://www.linux.orgBest OS ever ;)
http://kgs.kiseido.comInternet GO server
http://www.userfriendly.orgComic strip, for geeks and about geeks
http://vim.sf.netThe most powerful editor on the world :)
http://www.debian.orgBest linux distribution
http://www.gbadev.orgGame boy Advance development page
http://senseis.xmp.netGO forum
http://sylpheed-claws.sourceforge.netThe mailer you have dreamt about
http://http://www.mplayer.hq.huUltimate solution for DivX ;) playing ;))
http://www.adbglobal.comHere I work ;)

More of them will follow ;)

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